113 Whitney Street, Slater, South Carolina 29683

Monday Musings 8/17 – 2015

What a service! What a sweet, bittersweet, joyful time. We celebrated Emily and her ministry at Slater, and wished her well as she embarks on a new chapter in her life, we spent time learning from Psalm 98, and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship. And most importantly, we had the blessed opportunity to celebrate the salvation of a young man who surrendered his life to Christ. What joy! There is simply nothing that matches seeing the marvelous hand of God move men and women from death to life. Life-changing things are happening at Slater Baptist, friends. Come and see!

Our sermon this morning was Psalm 98. We spoke of the need for our worship to be Christ centered, Christ motivated, and Christ saturated. Our points were:

I. We sing of the victory of God in Christ (1-3)

II. We sing in response to God’s victory, which is our worship (4-8)

III. We sing of the mercy and judgment of the victorious God.

Thoughts: there really is just something about singing. A grateful heart almost always has a song in it. As we gather, this is the why behind what we do. We sing to celebrate the greatness of God. We sing to celebrate the grace of God. We sing to celebrate this beauty of Christ. This, friends, is why we sing. May we be a people who sing for joy!