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Scott’s thoughts – November, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! As I write this blog, I am thawing the turkey in preparation for our annual Thanksgiving feast at Slater Baptist. Christmas decorations abound in our home, and there is a general buzz in the air. The holidays are coming!

We have so much to be thankful for.

If Slater is anything, it is a community that does thankfulness well. I am certain, even as I write this, that you are nodding your head in agreement with me. We have been given so much. But I thought it might be worthwhile for me to remind us of the spiritual blessings God has given us this year as a body of believers at Slater Baptist.

  1. Lives are being changed by the Gospel – at the time of this writing, four people have professed faith in Christ, and several have come to rededicate their lives to the Lord’s will. We have had the distinct privilege of seeing people completely transformed by the Gospel. We have seen people working to love their spouses more, love their children more and, most importantly, love Christ more. We are a privileged place, because God is seeing fit to bring about transformation, and we are the means by which that is happening!
  2. God is bringing families who are entrusting their children to us – we rejoiced that, last week alone, we had 17 children and 10 youth. Our children’s building was buzzing! We desire to be a place that trains children in the encouragement and admonition of the Lord, and God has seen fit to grant us that opportunity!
  3. God is bringing young men and women called to vocational ministry – our college ministry has been one of the unique blessings of the church’s life this year. On any given Sunday, 12 college students, all desiring to give their lives in full time ministry, come and invest in our college, children’s, youth, and teaching ministries. And we have been truly blessed by it. It is a distinct honor, given to the local church, to be able to help prepare and train young men and women for ministry.
  4. God has brought us many unique Gospel opportunities – through relationships throughout our community, God has allowed us the opportunity to be salt and light in unique ways this year. Our church is known in the community as a place that God is using and moving. What a blessing!
  5. God has taken care of all of our needs – as I am writing this, I look out my office window and see a brand new roof, put on our children’s building as a gift from a kind person who wanted to partner with us and help accomplish God’s purposes in this community. To see such a major need taken care of so readily simply continues to affirm to us that we are doing exactly what God has called us to do. So many needs have been met in amazing ways that I simply do not have time to recount them all, but our God has been richly blessing us this year.

There are many more blessings, and many more things to be thankful for! Feel free to post those things, either here, or at the bottom of the Facebook page that linked this blog.

Just a couple of reminders about upcoming events:

  1. Thanksgiving dinner will be November 22 at 5 PM. Come join us for a sweet time of fellowship.
  2. BSUgrass, the NGU blugrass team, will be leading us in evening worship on November 29th. We want to pack the house, so come and bring a friend at 6 PM!

He is so good to us. May this season of Thanksgiving be a season when we take the opportunity to celebrate His goodness in our families.

Praise Him,