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Scott’s thoughts

It was amazing to see how many people braved the foul weather and came to be a part of our worship gathering this Sunday! It was great to see our college people filling in some holes, stepping up to lead and serve wherever they were needed. It is truly beautiful, and exciting to be a part of!

This Sunday’s sermon was on temptation, and I promised some follow up from that sermon in the blog. First, some have asked for the process of temptation written out. Here it is:

Attraction -> deception -> preoccupation ->worship -> subjection -> deception/death

and then the Gospel applied to each step:

Uneasiness -> wisdom ->clariy -> worship -> subjection -> life

the danger in temptation is not that it isn’t predictable; it’s that it is so powerful. But the Gospel is more powerful. We must be careful to not live the lie that we have no choice but to give in to whatever various temptation would beset us. The Gospel is greater.

Additionally, here is the link to the John Owen article I referenced several times during the sermon. Owen is truly tough to read, but worthwhile.


May we fight well, friends,